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Selecting an SEL Program

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Welcome to the EXPLORING THE CORE PODCAST, where we delve into the elements that make up our education system and learn more about how that system can improve for the benefit of all students in schools today. I'm Greg Mullen, and in this episode I look at a study that identifies the elements and competencies of different SEL programs currently available to schools. I'll also be talking to Jennifer Rogers out of Wisconsin, a leader in Social and Emotional Learning, about her thoughts on SEL Frameworks, competencies, and some of the challenges we are facing as we continue exploring this world of social-emotional learning in schools. Thank you for listening, I hope you enjoy the show.

Episode Notes

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Episode Release Date: December 30, 2019

"In a previous episode, I spoke to the development of SEL and the competencies created by CASEL, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning. In this episode, I’d like to build on what we know and dive into SEL programs available to schools today." - Greg Mullen

"This in-depth study explores 15 SEL programs, comparing them with 12 practical elements, and (the best part) does not claim any one program to be superior to the other fourteen programs; rather, each program is highlighted as addressing particular competencies, many of which are common across all of the sampled programs." - Greg Mullen

"The first big takeaway from this study is that all fourteen SEL programs share at least some of these elements. Of the fourteen SEL programs, four of the programs share eleven of the twelve elements." - Greg Mullen

Interview: Dr. Jennifer Rogers, https://rogerstrainingsolutions.com/

"...and that is the paradigm change that we are going to have to think about in the future. How do we gear up those that are already in the field to understand that this is the new lens we have to look out of, and how do we use that same lens and provide that for our pre-service teachers who are learning what it’s like to be a teacher now." - Jennifer Rogers

"...it’s a process to transition from [a traditional] model into what we’re understanding about the brain and the way we learn and about growth mindset, and all of those great things that are coming out of science. If we can really just look at the trauma lens, from the late 1990s when that [ACEs] study initially started, and now thirty years later, about what does that look like - and not everyone is necessarily on board with that either. So all of these practices and understanding takes generations of teachers to become regularly practiced in the building." - Jennifer Rogers

"If we know that everybody understands the WHY [of adopting SEL] and we have a community understanding of what SEL is and what our role is in that SEL, our next logical step is to consider a framework." - Jennifer Rogers