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Adopting and Adapting Standards-Based Grading

Episode Summary

In this fifth episode of season three, I share my conversation with three educators who worked together to adopt and adapt a standards-based approach to assessment and grading in their school.

Episode Notes

Guest in this episode: 

Anna May Drake (B.A./M.S.) is a high school English teacher with nearly two decades of full-time teaching experience. She currently teaches International Baccalaureate classes at the International School of Panama and works as a remote online content editor for a national magazine in the U.S. Anna is fascinated with instructional design and inquiry-based learning strategies, and is always on a path toward continuous learning and self-improvement. Her most recent learning journey was to earn a professional development certificate in learner experience design through Oregon State University.  AnnaMayDrake1@gmail.com  

Tim Kokotovich has taught high school math for eight years. He has taught at the International School of Panama for three years, and currently serves as Head of Department. He loves finding ways to make math more accessible to different types of learners, especially those who have struggled in the past. Before Panama, he taught for five years in public schools in California. Tim graduated from the Stanford Teacher Education Program and is a National Board Certified Teacher.  tkokotovich@gmail.com

James has worked in US public/private schools as well as international schools for 25 years as an IB Economics & International Relations teacher,  Assistant Principal, Principal, and MUN Director in Oregon, Morocco, Panama, and Taiwan. His interest in assessment reform started early in his career, but was kicked into high gear when a student asked a very simple question about an assignment's value. Since then, he has continued to ask questions about the value of assignments and assessment in general. Most recently he was featured in Ken O'Connor's "A Repair Kit for Grading; 3rd Ed". jamesmattiace@yahoo.com

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