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Developing Attributes with eduScrum in Schools

Episode Summary

In this fourth episode of season three, I share my conversation with Allen Gunderson about his work with eduScrum in education, specifically the way he develops strengths and attributes in his students.

Episode Notes

Guest in this episode: 

Allen Gunderson is an educator and visitor in L'KWUNGEN & W'SANEC traditional territories who is involved with schools, youth, and sustainability issues. Through a Green MBA in Sustainable Enterprise, BA in Asian Studies, Bachelor of Education, Certified eduScrum Trainer, Advanced Systems Thinking Facilitator, and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, he brings a unique perspective and passion towards cultivating holistic student-centred education systems, helping youth discover their greatness as they learn to create a better world. He measures success through action and celebrating failures. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Life is an experiment”, let’s treat it as such.

You can reach Allen Gunderson at allen@allengunderson.com 

*Music: Greg Mullen

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