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"Changes in Behaviors" (S2,EP7)

Episode Summary

In this episode, I briefly explore six specific words we often refer to as attributes, or characteristics, looking at how these words carry with them ranges of behaviors where, on either end, are potentially unhealthy degrees of each attribute. I also speak with two professionals in the field of behavior change about their thoughts and perspectives on behavior in students as well as adults.

Episode Notes

In this episode:

I share conversations with Doni Iraheta, a behavior analyst who talks about his approach for addressing challenging behaviors in children, and Dr. Anton Tolman, a professor of psychology at Utah Valley University, who talks about behavior change from his perspective as a clinical psychologist as well as a research professor working with models of behavior change that actually have strong connections to what we call a Growth Mindset, which is very popular concept in education. 

Guests in this episode: 

- Doni Iraheta, Behavior Therapist (Southern California)

- Dr. Anton Tolman, Professor of Psychology @ Utah Valley University (Orem, Utah)

*Music: Greg Mullen

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