Exploring the Core Podcast

"Values in Education, Part 2" (S2,EP5)

Episode Summary

In this episode, I continue exploring 'Values' - what they are and how we perceive them in education, with a focus on Trust

Episode Notes

In this episode:

I continue my presentation on Values - what they are, and how we perceive them in a learning environment, specifically exploring the value of Trust, as a third value in an essential layer of my framework for understanding who we are and how we learn. 

Guests in this episode: 

- Doug Thompson, DPT Candidate (Azusa, CA) 

- Allison Dillard, Author, Podcast Host, Math Professor (Irvine, CA) 

*Music: Greg Mullen

*Pre-Production Advisors: Will Slocum and Alma Jongewaard. 

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