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Changing the System

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Welcome to the EXPLORING THE CORE PODCAST, where we delve into the elements that make up our education system and learn more about how that system can improve for the benefit of all students in schools today. I'm Greg Mullen and in this episode I discuss a particular model for changing a system in a school or organization by focusing on a bottom-up implementation with top-down support. I'll also be talking to Nikki Roorda out of Iowa, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning at Johnston Community School District, who speaks to the positive changes being made in her state, in her district, and in her schools. Thank you for listening, I hope you enjoy the show.

Episode Notes

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Episode Release Date: January 13, 2020

"Change can get pretty complicated and at times quite uncomfortable so an organized framework can be very helpful." - Greg Mullen

"What I mean is, when challenges arise from changes to a system, even though a role may be contractually defined by a general set of expectations, boundaries and responsibilities often overlap." - Greg Mullen

"As more schools embark on this evolution of system change of our education system, I am excited to see, hear, and experience school and community improvements, especially as we improve our ability to identify with a developmental mindset the desired changes we want in our communities of students, teachers, administrators, and families." - Greg Mullen

Interview: Nikki Roorda, https://www.johnstoncsd.org/departments/teaching-learning/pol/

"I think Iowa has been very fortunate in the fact that we’ve had our eye on social-emotional learning for the past several years, and just with the apex of it being this release of our social-emotional learning standard last month, and as a result I think across the country social-emotional learning is becoming more and more prevalent, so I have seen in my current position of companies offering their services to help social-emotional learning not only at the student level but also at the adult level within our district to help support those folks." - Nikki Roorda

"The Portrait of a Learner was developed a few years ago and it really tried to identify what are those 21st century skills and executive skills that students need to be successful in a post-secondary endeavour, whether that is college or career, and how we interact with each other as human beings, and I’m really proud of that work." - Nikki Roorda

"...there’s value in getting out and vetting within your local community their values and perceptions and that way it’s everybody’s document. " - Nikki Roorda